by Lisa Marshall

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Recording Simple was one of the best times I've had in my life. I wrote, engineered, recorded and played all the instruments except for who you'll see listed in album credits.
The process was addicting and frustrating and liberating all at once. It was the first time I was writing music by myself. I had fallen in love with early Soul and R&B. I used the idea "if you can sing it, you can play it" and picked up instruments no matter how intimidated.

The drums on the track Simple took me almost 10 hours to record. I stuck one mic in the middle of the drum set and just kept at it. My favorite parts were the background vocal harmonies and arrangements! The big punchy call and answer harmonies on Swamp Song really created electric energy inspired by the one and only Tina Turner and The Ikettes!
I listened to some of my favorite old school songs for inspiration for guitar, bass, drum tones, etc.
I mixed and re-mixed the CD until I could hardly stand hearing the songs anymore.

Simple was well received in Europe getting regular radio play, reviews, and Top 5 on a few Euro-Americana Charts.
“Lisa Marshall is absolutely one of the most gifted R&B and Soul singers.”
— Gorhand' Goriup - Folkworld, Germany

I hit West Coast solo to promote the album. Another scary, yet liberating thing to do.
Being on the road was awesome. Just me, the Blonde and my little Honda Civic.
I got to catch up with old friends. When I played in my old 'hood Long Beach, CA., Susan Joyner (keys from my old band, Peculiar Boogie) joined me in playing some of the old Peculiar Boogie tunes.

".. her voice belts and soars through the building lyrics then dips to a restrained contralto for climatic lines. Hints of reverb in the production space add a subtle, creepy effect to the gospel tunes. It could almost be too crafted, but with Marshall's spellbinding voice pulling at the tempo, the album feels so organic that you can't imagine it any other way."- Rachel Dovey, Seattle Sound Magazine 

Currently, I am writing and recording again in my studio with plans to release my next Single, 'Love Won't Let me Fall' with a "secret" B side.
I am incredibly excited to release this song! It is one of my best vocal performances recorded, in my opinion. It also has the delicious elements of Sweet Southern Soul, Gospel, and very cool hook.
Love Won't Let Me Fall is set for release in early summer 2019!
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Love, peace and happiness!


released May 8, 2008

Lisa Marshall instruments and vocals except
Track 1: Scotty X on bass
Track 2: Kevin Fallon on lead guitar
Track 3: Eric Manegold on drums, Scotty X on bass
Track 4: Eric Manegold on drums
Track 5: Kevin Fallon on lead guitar, Nick Salzetti on drums
Track 6: E. Pruitt on bass


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Lisa Marshall Austin, Texas

Retro Soul Folk-Funk Blues.
Lisa Marshall is a singer/songwriter based in Austin, TX. “The cocktail that is her music (a funky, soulful blues) can’t really be called fusion, but more of a stirred mow-town mixer. Lisa Marshall is on the fast track of positioning herself as one Austin’s staple female artists.” -Steven Blythe, Austin Post ... more

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Track Name: Swamp Song
lyrics & music- Lisa Marshall
V1- Love a woman, whatʼs my crime
Hold your tongue your judgement time
If Iʼm laving lift me up, I got my voice gonna raise it up
woh gonna raise it up
V2- Well, Iʼm going down this time and Iʼm gonna find out when it all
Bit by bit you can bare my soul, I got no shame put me in my hole,
woh, in my hole (no laughing)

ooo, oooo, ooooo
Ch.- You got to love somebody ʻcause no one gets out alive honey no they
donʼt yay, yay, yay, yay
oo, oo, oo
Erase from your mind all the bad thatʼs been done to you
All the good things you are let it shine, shine, shine shine, shine, shine, shine

V3- Hereʼs my silver, my love is gold true, true
Got no time for the lies been sold , lies been sold
Bare my skin well it sure is mine, stand my ground my drinking time
woh my drinking time
Ch- repeat from above

Breakdown -Raise it up, raise it, drinking cup, Raise it up, raise it, drinking cup
(* we haven’t been doing the vocal breakdwon just yet. eventually we will again. right now it’s a guitar solo)

Ch- repeat from above

Outro- Drinking, cup raise it up , got my voice gonna raise it up
Drinking ra-ra-raise it (repeat out)
Track Name: Simple
Simple lyrics & music Lisa Marshall
V1- Driving home we felt nothing wrong
I’m here to say love ain’t blind
Being with you it makes me strong and weak at the same time

Ch- we’d follow the stars alone to the edge of time if we could
And it’s something so simple, so good

V2- No I’m not looking back, there’s nothing here left to see
ooo oo
Dreams are made in the here and now, All the hurtin’ does fade
ooo oo

Ch- And tonite it seems all the days are for us, are for us
Yes, I see it’s so simple , so good

Interlude /gtr. solo - ooo, oo’s

V3- What don’t you believe in yourself?
ooo oo
You got the world at your feet

Anyone ever do you wrong, you can find shelter in me
ooo ooo ahh, ahh build
Ch- Let’s follow the stars alone to the edge of time, yes we could’s something so simple, so good
Oh yea, alright, I said now,
ooo ooo
Something so simple
Track Name: Bring Yourself Back
Bring Yourself Back
music & lyrics by: Lisa Marshall

V1: What makes a heart break so slow?
What makes a mind think it’s time to go?
Sometimes a woman stands in her own way, she’s lost in the words
V2: A woman must prove to herself that she can do anything
Don’t need anyone too much one day they, might put you down
Oh and scream for her own heart
That’s been broken
So won’t you please bring back your warm embrace
You know there’s not much more that I can take
Why can’t there be..there’s no more love lost in this world
‘Cause I am so, so, so....lost
V3: Surrounded by four walls that just don’t make any sense
To cast off these chains that I have put me in
Nothing seems right, I can’t go back to where I have been, no, no, no
Track Name: Sooner or Later
V1- Oh, burnt out paper, getting high from the wine
Oh yea sooner or later you got to step on, leave it behind
Ch- Oh my friend I see you
Through the dust and life’s disguise
Oh yea and sooner or later, your strength gonna rise
And just let you be
V2- Oh to carry, such a heavy load
Trying so hard not to be buried, yes your spirit has taken it’s blows
Ch- Oh my friend I see you
Through the dust and life’s disguise
Oh yea and sooner or later, your strengths gonna rise
And just let you be
Bridge- Oh don’t ever, forget
That you belong
Come on lay down your burdens
Lay ‘em down
Ch. out-
Track Name: High On Her Perch
V1- You got me under your quaint little spell you sure can tell
Roll roll like thunder, across the dream, across the dream
Don’t hide yourself away
Chorus- High on her perch, A woman of love is at work
If her stare don’t make you back down,
she’ll give you a worm from her ground, give you a worm from her ground
V2- You got me going. Follow which way to the sky?
Follow down, follow ‘round
Any way is quite alright, any way it’s quite alright,
Don’t hide yourself away
Time change- In the years that go by so fast
You know she gave a love to last, yes she did, she did
But oh from high on her perch she looked down on you she gave to you
She gave, but now she’s gone, she’s gone away, she’s gone away
You know sometimes, sometimes life just brings on too much
But you got no choice you might as well just face up try, try, try
And let those little things just roll on by
You have to, you must but then oh she gets down on her knees and ask
for it to stop just for one one minute you see
Well there’s too much pain, there’s so much, there’s too much pain
So much to share, so much to share, with a gust and mighty wind some
day you will be free a bird on her perch,
A bird on her perch is a woman at work
Track Name: Got 2 See You
Got 2 See You
music & lyrics by: Lisa Marshall
V1: I was born in Southern, Southern Virginia
The girl I am, I was barely breathing
It’s hard to stay in the lines when they’re moving all the time
So I got out
I come from the howlin’ winds, cruel words fell form their lips
I know you’ve heard them blowin’, blowin’
V2: Said out to California I got to go now
Where the people on the streets don’t seem to care whose hand you hold now
Scrapes and bruises I don’t mind just need love some of the time
I know you do too, come on
I said I come from the howlin’ winds, cruel words fell from their lips
I know you’ve heard them blowin’, blowin’
I will not back down for I am free
I will not give in I will not bleed
I come from the howlin’ winds, cruel words fell from their lips
I know you’ve heard them blowin’, blowin’
Out and out and out we go where spirits break and cruel winds blow

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